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We offer a wide variety of accounting, tax, and bookkeeping services for Community Associations. An example of these services is the preparation of monthly "Board friendly" financial statements that include the following schedules:

  • Balance sheet separating operating and reserve accounts.
  • Compiled statement of revenue and expenses compared with budget for both current month and year-to-date.
  • Reserve schedule with year-to-date activity.
  • Accounts receivable aging schedule.
  • Accounts payable aging schedule.
  • Check register and/or disbursement journal.
  • Detailed general ledger reflecting all accounting activity for the month (optional).

We will assist the Board of Directors and/or your Management Firm with the preparation of the following years operating and capital budgets in accordance with state requirements. Our fee includes the attendance of a member of our staff for two meetings or six hours for budget purposes. We will collect, post, and deposit all assessment checks to your account. There are no bank service fees to the Association.

We will maintain your accounts receivable system, including delinquency notices including communication with the unit owner. An attorney of your choice will handle the filing of claim of liens and subsequent collection action.

We will prepare all approved invoices for payment once per week. Invoices other than contracted or utility services will be approved by a member of the Board of Directors or your Management Firm, as requested. We will review your expenses on a monthly basis and flag expenses that appear to be out of line, including utility bills.

We will prepare your annual federal, state, and intangible tax returns.

We will work with your Board of Directors and/or Management Firm to insure a smooth flow of communications as it relates to financial matters.

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